An ACDC weed spraying Licence Course will provide highly relevant information; not only necessary to obtain an (ACDC) ground distribution operators licence, but also to provide students with a good grounding in the safest practices for handling & distribution of agricultural chemicals.

Compliance with all relevant legislation including the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966/ACDC Regulation 1998 can then be ensured.


Weed spraying can be hazardous – not only to people’s health but also to economic viability if an operator is found to be in breach of legislation!

  • Are you fully aware of the legislation and ACDC requirements for spraying agricultural chemicals within a declared hazardous area?
  • Does your operator’s ACDC training ensure minimum impact to surrounding areas and minimum risk to themselves and other personel during application?
  • Do you know exactly when and where a weed spraying licence is required?


Intraining Systems delivers comprehensive training which will enable your staff to achieve necessary understanding of the units of competence covering:

  • Preparation and application of agricultural chemicals
  • Appropriate measures for control of weeds
  • Transportation, handling and storage of chemicals


Contact Intraining Systems to find out the requirements for use of specific herbicides in your area. For example, an ACDC weed spraying licence is required for anyone who uses engine powered spray equipment on land they do not own or occupy, and which is under the control of the ACDC Act. Play it safe with an ACDC licence qualification training course with Intraining Systems.

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