Course Name:Course for ACDC (weed spraying) licensing
Description:A commercial operator’s licence is required before a person can apply herbicides from ground equipment on land that they or their relatives do not own or occupy. This licence is issued by the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control (ACDC) Board and is issued for a three or one year term, nominated by the applicant at time of application.

The licence places responsibility on the commercial operator to ensure that label instructions for the herbicides being used are followed, ground spray equipment is maintained in good working order, and that ground distribution records are maintained by ground or aerial distribution contractors in accordance with the Act.

The main aim of licensing commercial operators is to promote responsible chemical use. By satisfying the competencies of the licence qualification, commercial operators have shown that, among other things, they have knowledge of the equipment and herbicides that they will be using and the effects that weather conditions may have on chemical application.

Training includes the following topics:

  • Legislative requirements for herbicide application

  • Assessment of weed infestation & implementation of control measures incorporating IPM

  • Identifying the hazards of herbicide application and OH&S risk assessment
    Selection and maintenance of tools, equipment and PPE

  • Incident reporting

  • Interpreting chemical labels and SDS’s

  • Calibration

  • Weather conditions

  • Transporting, handling and storing chemicals

  • Record keeping

  • Teaching strategy: Lectures, demonstrations, student workbooks, various handouts, practical training.

    Method of assessment: Oral / written tests, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, verbal questions, practical exercises.

    Entry requirements: Participants must have sufficient LL&N skills to read and comprehend both chemical labels and SDS's. Participants also need to have reached 17 years of age, before applying to DAF for their ACDC licence.

    Student numbers: 8 per class (nominal).

    Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions to achieve competence.

    Our instructors are appropriately qualified and have recognised teac
    ing qualifications including Workplace Assessor.

    General information: All training aids and safety equipment will be provided for use as required. Student notes, good for future reference are supplied to each student and may be retained.,
  • AHCCHM307 - Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases

  • AHCCHM304 - Transport and store chemicals

  • These 'Units of Competence' are known as the ‘approved accreditation’
    Cost:Contact Us
    Duration:2 Days - course duration may depend on course numbers, experience and performance of participants.
    Prerequisites:Students will be required to complete the course using the English language, both spoken and written. Students who are wishing to seek an ACDC license must have sufficient LL&N skills to read and comprehend both chemical labels and SDS's, in order to develop sufficient knowledge of the chemicals and equipment that they will be using .
    Qualification:Statement of Attainment
    Outcomes:On successful completion of this course, participants will be issued a ‘Statement of Attainment’ certifying competence in the above units.

    To obtain an ‘ACDC licence’, a person makes application to the 'Department of Agriculture and Fisheries' on the approved form and forwards that to DAF with a certified copy of the accredited qualifications, and the appropriate licence fee.

    Licencing fees are payable to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for the initial application of an ACDC Licence, and then on a yearly/3 yearly ongoing basis. These licence fees are set by DAF and adjusted yearly to CPI. Students will be notified on the course of the latest up-to-date licence application fees.

    Especially Note: These fees are payable to DAF (not Intraining Systems).
    Notes:All training aids and safety equipment are provided for use as required. Dress casual, enclosed footwear

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