Course Name:Firearms safety course
Description:This course provides trainees with relevant, comprehensive and accredited training in order to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills to safely use or possess firearm/s in Queensland.

The Common Safety Test applicable to all categories of firearms:

  • Legislative provisions in Queensland concerning firearms and their use

  • Social responsibilities associated with the use of firearms
    General firearms safety procedures

  • The specific test relating to each particular category of firearm equips trainees:

  • With knowledge and understanding of firearms terminology

  • Basic firearm functions

  • Firearms safety issues and procedures

  • The responsible use of each category of firearm

  • The practical assessment specific to each category of firearm:

  • Assesses the trainees performance in both live and dry fire situations.
  • Course:10618 NAT - Course in Firearm Safety (approved for firearm's licencing in Queensland)
    Course Cost:$125.00 GST Exempt

    Category A & B (2 Units Only)

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    Other CategoriesThe following categories are separate courses, contact us for more information about these.

    Category C
  • Unit: WSCQPS003 Demonstrate use of Category C firearms safely

  • Category D
  • Unit: WSCQPS004 Demonstrate use of Category D firearms safely

  • Category H (Handguns)
  • Unit: WSCQPS005 Demonstrate use of Category H firearms safely

  • Category M (Cross-bow)
  • Unit: WSCQPS006 Use crossbows lawfully, responsibly and safely
  • Duration:6-8 hours
    Prerequisites:The course is open to all persons in Queensland seeking a Weapons Act Licence/s who are eligible to obtain such licence/s:

  • Full licence holders must be at least 18 years of age

  • Children of at least 11 years of age can use certain firearms, with adult supervision, under a minor's licence

  • A person is ineligible to hold a weapons Act Licence if, within the past five years, they have been convicted of offences including misuse of drugs, or weapons, and the threatened use of violence.

  • A person is ineligible to hold a weapons act licence if they currently are, or have been the subject of a domestic violence order in the past five years.
  • Qualification:Statement of Attainment
    Outcomes:On completion of this course, successful participants are issued with a Statement of Attainment, which must accompany an application for a Queensland firearms licence and must be lodged in person at your local police station. Application forms are available from the Queensland Police website.

    Membership of a Club is accepted as a genuine reason for ownership.
    Notes:All training aids including firearms and safety equipment will be provided for use as required.

    Student notes, good for future reference are supplied to each student and may be retained.

    Suitable range facilities are required for the practical component of the course and various locations are used depending on availability.

    Participants are required to wear/bring enclosed footwear.

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